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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Make a book trailer with great online tool

The jury is still out on whether or not video book trailers (same as movie trailers) are effective, but why not give it a try. It surely couldn't hurt, and if your video is entertaining enough, it could actually go viral. That would be nice!

I made the following video of SugarStrings (my daughter and nieces) with Roxio PhotoShow. From a purely objective point of view, those girls are AWESOME! This string trio performs throughout the country, and the video is a nice visual way to show a little of their history. 

Actually, musicians could use a feature that allows them to upload their own music, but for authors, the sampling of musical styles provided are varied enough to suit most needs. I plan to use Roxio PhotoShow to promote The Celebrity Editor and my forthcoming books.

You can post your video on your website, blog, or YouTube.

The SugarStrings video took about an hour or so to put together. It took that long because I had to sort through all the photos we have of the girls. For a low-tech person who has yet to figure out video recorders, this was perfect (for now).

Being the director of my first video was fun and pretty easy. You can try Roxio for free for 30 days. After that, upgrade to a premium membership (or you'll lose your work).

One day we'll do an actual music video but until then, this will help us get the word out about the fabulous SugarStrings.

By the way, to hear music the girls themselves recorded, visit SugarStrings.com. There are a couple of sample mini tracks on the site. Also, they were interviewed here (ABC/7) and here (WTTW/11)

Shameless sales pitch: Contact me at CelebEditor@aol.com if you'd like to interview SugarStrings or book them for your next book signing. Imagine reading a passage out of your book to a classical, jazz, popular, or sacred tune. Beautiful! Or the girls could entertain the long line of people waiting to get your autograph. Remember, no more boring book signings!

Donna Marie

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