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Glossary of Celebrity Editor Terms

The following is my ever evolving glossary of terms in use on The Celebrity Editor. Every now and then I introduce new terms to the self-publishing community. Others are in common use but are included here for clarity. Definitions and terms are subject to change if I think of better ways to put things.

Self-publishing – indie publishing; when a writer or entrepreneur funds and manages the production of content into a variety of formats, including blogs, websites, books, CD's, DVD's, ebooks, APPs.

Micro niche publishing – these small, indie houses publish books that explore specific topics and meet the needs of specific market segments.

PTB publisher (plural, PTBs) – power-that-be publisher. One of the big, traditional publishing houses, e.g., Simon & Schuster, Random House, etc.

Writerly – an activity that's not exactly writing but part of the process of writing.

Sexy marketing – has nothing to do with sex (not necessarily anyway). Bookdom has an unfortunate image of being stuffy and behind the times. Sexy marketing makes book marketing campaigns interesting, creative, entertaining, emotionally moving, motivational, informative, fun, modern. More infomercial than stuffy lecture or old school book signing. See Jay-Z and Danielle Steel.

Bookdom – the entire book publishing industry.

Writing on the down low – dishonest writing; lying through teeth while writing; perpetrating a lie via the written word; ex., James Frey and the Oprah fiasco.

A note to my writing stars: if you have questions about the terms I use, or if you'd like to suggest your own, drop me a line!

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