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Monday, September 30, 2013

Models can't read?

Writing stars, you've got to check out one of the most subversive sites on the net: Models Can't Read. Tons of photos show models posing with newspapers, magazines and books like Blade Runner and Patti Smith's Just Kids.

One of my favorite photos takes place in a laundromat. Two models, a man and a woman, are posing in front of a row of dryers. The woman is wearing an outfit that would probably fall apart after one go-round in the wash, and the guy is reading a book with his shirt off. I guess he's waiting for it to dry (the shirt, not the book). To be honest, I couldn't decide what to look at: the book or his chest. (For my in-depth critique of this photo, see my post on Pinterest here.)

Now imagine if he were holding your book in his hot hands. Now that would be quite the marketing coup, wouldn't it! Getting any ideas?

I could go on and on about literacy statistics, etc., but I won't go there. 

Just enjoy the eye candy! And who knows, maybe some aren't just posing. Maybe some are actually, gasp, reading!

Donna Marie

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