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Monday, January 10, 2011

Pay attention: your dreams are manifesting!

Writers, have you been wondering why your dreams are taking so long to manifest? You've set goals, taken action, visualized, prayed, affirmed, and had faith, but nothing seems to be happening. 

Well, we can't blame all our financial woes on the economy. About a month ago or so an epiphany smacked me upside my head. There are 3 big reasons why manifestations seem to be so elusive.

1. Not knowing your kickstart emotion. 
You've got to know your self. It's well and good to read what others say about manifesting your dreams, but the bottom line is that they're your dreams, and you've got to know how your own soul works. 

Many books say that love must lead the way, and it's true that love is all important. But here's what I know about myself: when I feel STRONG DETERMINATION, that's my clue that a manifestation is on the way. Who's to say that strong determination is not a form of love? It's commitment and desire all rolled into one powerful emotion. When I feel strong determination, I talk differently. Like I mean it. A friend once said, "I say what I mean, and I mean what I say." That's what I'm talking about. 

2. Not trusting your gut.
2010 was the year of the big reveal for me. Things that I suspected about a particular individual turned out to be true. The entire year I was checking off things that I knew that I knew that I knew. These experiences taught me that I can finally cease and desist with the self-doubt. I've got good gut instincts that I can trust. How can you manifest without confidence and faith? Not possible!

3. Not paying attention to the stepping stones of manifestation.
Seldom do we manifest a dream all at once. Even lottery winners bought tickets for months and years before winning the jackpot. There are stepping stones along the way to manifesting your dreams. These stepping stones let you know how to proceed. They also let you know that you're on the right path.

Your biggest hindrance to manifesting may be that you haven't been paying attention to the stepping stones when they pop up. When something out of the ordinary happens, do you barely take notice because it wasn't the ultimate thing you wanted?

When you begin to notice of all the anomalies and synchronicities that occur in your life, you'll see how they directly connect to the goals you have set for yourself. Now that's exciting!

How will you know that something important has just occurred (vs. a false flag)? My heart skips a beat, and I feel a sense of shock and awe. What a rush of pure joy!

Ever since I started taking notice of the stepping stones, I've been flabbergasted at the volume of good things that have been popping up in my life. Now whenever I notice a stepping stone, I stop and say, "Wow! Thanks!" This attitude of gratitude makes our personal atmospheres magnetic and receptive to all the good things in life.

“The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.”
Eric Hoffer


Now you:

1. What's your kickstart emotion?
2. Do you trust your gut instincts?
3. Have you been paying attention as the stepping stones of your dreams are revealed in your life?

Donna Marie

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